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From The Dock

Discover the experiences and stories from our past and current clients! From overnight trips to the Bahamas, to an easy day on the waterway, find out why Underway Yacht Charters is South Florida's best yacht charter company. 


Liam & Ava Thompson

"We celebrated our 25th anniversary with Underway Yacht Charters and it was truly a voyage to remember. The crew's attention to detail and the luxury onboard made every moment special. We're already planning our next trip!"

Henry Olsen

"Booking with Underway was seamless, but the real surprise was the warmth and dedication of their crew. It felt like vacationing with a group of friends who were experts at sea. Definitely charting with them again!"

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Rebecca Walters & Friends

"My friends and I chose Underway for a reunion trip, and it was the best decision we made. The awesome destinations coupled with the top-notch service made it a dream charter. We plan to come back to Underway in the future!"

Anya Davis

Thank you to Johann and the team at Underway Yacht Charters! From first contact to booking and beyond, the team at Underway knows how to run a proper charter. Thanks again to the captain and crew and our company will be using Underway Yacht Charters again in the future." 

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